Understand GitHub users, find their friends & contact information

How To Use

  1.  Go to GitHub Advanced Search and scroll down to "Users options" section.

  2.  Enter location and programming language of your choice, click Search.

  3.  Put the selected GitHub usernames into TalentSignals to learn full profile details including collabolators, recent activity and contact information.

  4.  You may also find GitHub usernames in your resume database and extend & validate profiles with TalentSignals.

Discover Profile Details

Collect relevant contextual information about selected GitHub profile along with latest activities, collaborators and contact information.

Detailed Activity Stream

Contextual information about the latest changes made to code repositories.

Known Technology Set

Complete set of programming languages used on a daily basis.

Co-workers & Friends

Find active friends & colleagues working on mutual projects.

Automate Search with API

You can now integrate our search engine with your profile database using API. Contact us for more information.

Contact us

This service is currently in free beta.
Please feel free to contact us at contact@talentsignals.com